Hi, my name is Kevin, and I'm the host of Wealth Tactic Rebels.

Bringing CLARITY and taking CONTROL of YOUR MONEY back to you and away from the major financial institutions.
We are a new breed of Independent, out-of-the-box thinking, self-sufficient, Wealth Tactic Rebels.

My background

My background is really one of Legacy. My father had an amazing career of over 45 years in the insurance and financial world. A couple years after graduating college with a B.S. in Exercise science, my father helped me to realize my true calling in life. Now I've been working in as a wealth tactician for about 15 years; questioning traditional thought along the way and learning the truth of how wealth really works.

My mission

Along my journey, I've come to realize that almost everyone, including most so called "financial professionals," are missing important information about how money works. It's not their fault, all the mainstream media, big banks and financial companies have been preaching the same thing for decades. Commonly people are told to go to school, get a 9-5 job with a good company, put your money into a 401k or similar retirement account and retire living off the interest of their savings. But the result is it's not working for most people. They have little to no control over their money and are loosing thousands, even hundreds of thousands of dollars over their lives, to inefficiencies and lost opportunity on their money. I'm on a mission to change that by empowering people with clarity and to take back control of their wealth.

What to expect from Wealth Tactic Rebels

WTR is a unique, weekly podcast about rebelling against the norm of wealth tactics. We feature unique discussions on managing the wealth of your life, with different ideas from the mainstream. You can expect new ways of looking at all aspects of wealth. Including, but not limited to:

  • taxes
  • interest
  • debt
  • financing major capital purchases
  • planning for retirement
  • planning for college
  • and much more

We also feature interviews with experts in varies areas of wealth who fit with the WTR philosophies.

Not to mention, a great way to get out of the mainstream 9-5 job is to create your own business. So we also feature interviews of successful entrepreneurs who give great insight into how they achieved success. Armed with their knowledge and experience, you will have greater insight to plan for your own business adventure.

  • Available in all places where podcasts can be found

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