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Thinking of Your Side-Hustle/Business as an Asset

When deciding to turn your side-hustle into a legitimate business, there are so many unknown variables that can sometimes drive you away from accomplishing it. Today, WTR welcomes Luke Peters, an expert in building wealth and a successful entrepreneur. In this podcast, we will discuss how side-hustling brings about a large amount of freedom and…

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Hedging Your Future With Real-Estate

What happens when you do not take the steps to adequately research what you want to invest your money in? Making a plan and really becoming aware of the deal you might invest in could lead you to avoid future problems with investment. Today, WTR welcomes Rodney Miller, co-founder of Trident Multi Family, a real…

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Story Telling; A WTR Discussion With Paul Smith

Before today, you might have not realized the importance of storytelling. How can storytelling relate to building wealth and leadership skills? Today, WTR discusses the importance of storytelling with Paul Smith, an author and speaker who has an expertise in storytelling. This podcast will uncover the steps that are necessary to help engage your audience…

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