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WTR Discussion With Gabriella Ribeiro, Art of Art of Overcoming Overthinking

Sometimes, when starting a business, people often times get caught up in so much overthinking that it can lead them to give up on their idea. Instead of being driven by their passions, they are driven by their fears. In today’s episode, WTR welcomes Gabriella Ribeiro, founder of Mogul Mom and a serial entrepreneur. Join us for a WTR discussion on tips that could lead to reducing our ability to overthink situations, and how starting small is often times to road to success.

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  • [00:36] Kevin: Today, we’re going to be talking about the art of overcoming overthinking
  • [01:00] If you wouldn’t mind telling our listeners a little bit about where you came from and what inspired you to get to where you are today?
  • [01:10] Gabriella: I grew up with my dad being an entrepreneur, so I had the best role model
  • [01:31] I had a lot of different ideas on what I wanted to do, but I always knew that I wanted to do my own thing[01:42] Now I run a few businesses all centered around travel (passion)
  • [01:50] Mogul Mom- amazing dynamic women who are trying to raise a family, trying to run a business, and trying to hold it all together[02:16] Allowed me to get up close with a lot of women who have been struggling with things that I’ve been struggling with and hopefully give them a network to help them improve
  • [03:10] Kevin: Going along with our topic of the day which is the art of overcoming overthinking, can you explain a little bit about what we’re talking about in regards to overthinking (specifically with entrepreneurs in businesses or corporate)?
  • [03:46] Gabriella: In terms of what people aspire to be, a lot of times why they don’t ever do it is because of fear and overthinking leads to more fear (overthinking possible scenarios)[04:36] Nothing can go right or wrong if you never actually execute it
  • [05:38] Kevin: If you get an idea, you’re the only one who can make something happen with that idea
  • [05:43] Gabriella: Yes and we spoke before about measured risks and I think that plays a lot into this because I think what a lot of people also don’t realize is that launching your vision or even getting started doesn’t have to mean you gambled away significant parts of your life[06:03] There’s always a way to do it if you believe you can start small
  • [06:12] Some ideas fail because a lot of people believe they have to make a large amount of money in a short amount of time or else it wouldn’t be worth it[06:18] That’s probably not going to happen (unrealistic)
  • [06:28] Aim low when it comes to numbers because those are going to be the metrics that you’ll probably achieve and you’ll feel better
  • [07:15] Goals will take hard work, rearranging things, sacrifices, loans, etc. (not instant)
  • [08:26] In business, expectations are good if it’s only you involved in the equation[08:37] You’re the only one who can do it
  • [08:40] If it succeeds, it’s you, if it fails, it’s you (can’t blame anyone else for it)
  • [09:01] Have honest deep conversations with yourself and be happy with what gets achieved little by little
  • [09:09] It’s okay to dream about the bigger picture, but don’t hang everything on it because it’s going to take time to get there
  • [09:32] Kevin: What in your experience is kind of a good measure to slow down and take things at a better pace for new entrepreneurs who are trying to do everything?
  • [09:39] Gabriella: I think it’s important to be clear about different levels. Write them all down and know exactly what needs to get done[09:47] Inaction is a big problem, and there’s a lot to get done, but I think why a lot of people don’t continue is because people forget, they get bored, etc.[10:03] Never losing momentum is really critical when you run a business[10:08] That could be someone to keep you on track (maybe a friend)
  • [10:20] If you train yourself that there’s got to be at least one thing minimum that you do each day to make your goal happen (better chance at success) (starting small)
  • [11:16] As long as you’re making some progress, that’s better than never doing it
  • [12:46] Have to ask yourself: what can you do own your own so you don’t have to spend a fortune? What can I outsource to someone else? [13:23] There are so many amazing virtual assistants out there
  • [13:59] Can do different things to achieve the goal and not spend so much money and have it look pretty good
  • [14:23] I think people obsess over websites (logos and things that have dragged their feet for a while)[14:33] It’s much better to first have your website up before being a perfectionist
  • [15:51] What has helped me and what I tell moms to do is to make your family a part of what you’re doing and make them understand why it is you’re doing what you’re doing[16:49] As long as the people in your life understand what you’re doing, it goes down a little bit easier for those times that you can’t always be present (maintaining communication)
  • [17:37] Kevin: You have to take care of yourself too, because if you’re not healthy, it affects your family, friends, personal side, and greatly affects your work too
  • [18:02] Gabriella: Most people say they don’t have time to do self-care, but self-care can be simple (watching your favorite tv show, read some pages of a book, etc.)
  • [19:37] Kevin: Before we close for the day, I’m going to ask you for a value bomb which is something in your experience that our listeners can look to avoid and something they can do about it
  • [19:52] Gabriella: The self-doubt and the fear comes up a lot in most people[20:03] There is nothing that makes anyone else better or more capable than you to do what you feel passionate about
  • [20:57] Kevin: Is there anything you’d like to share with our WTR listeners?
  • [21:03] Gabriella: I wrote a book called “Just F***ing Do It” and it is how I approach everything in life and it speaks to what I say[21:12] Dragging your feet never gets you anywhere
  • [21:14] It’s better to have taken that chance

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