Empower Your Retirement

Today we are discussing Empowering your Retirement. But before we get into that, let’s talk, for a moment, about the position of our economy during the time of this recording, early June of 2020, specifically in regards to jobs. We are starting to see flattened curves from the COVID-19 pandemic and partial reopening’s of parts of our economy in the US. There’s even some good news jobs as according the Department of Labor Bureau of Labor Statistics, there were 2.5 million new jobs in May. However, the unemployment rate is still at 14.7%. Some sources, such as an article in Forbes on June 8th say there was an error in the calculations for the unemployment rate and therefore the true rate is closer to 20%. Regardless, there’s been over roughly 42 million how have lost their jobs to date, and counting. There’s also talk that many people whose jobs were retained because of the forgivable loans for small businesses, will be let go once those businesses are out of the specified period they are required to keep their employees.

What does this all mean to you, our Rebels? Well, many of you may find yourself, or someone you know, as one of the unfortunate unemployed, or fortunate, depending on your point of view, or those facing a forced, early retirement because of the pandemic. You may have left or will be leaving completely unprepared with this sudden and life altering situation and shrugging your shoulders asking, “now what?” While we can’t answer that question for you, we discuss tactics today to help you better understand your financial position, what steps to take next and a some advice to help you through this difficult time.

Forbes Article: There’s A Glaring, Misleading Error In The May Jobs Report: U.S. May Be At 20% Unemployment

About the author, Kevin

I believe there's more to be had for your money by first avoiding losses, rather than just chasing a rate of return.

Along my journey, I've come to realize that almost everyone, including most so called "financial professionals," are missing important information about how money works. It's not their fault, all the mainstream media, big banks and financial companies have been preaching the same thing for decades. Commonly people are told to go to school, get a 9-5 job with a good company, put your money into a 401k or similar retirement account and retire living off the interest of their savings. But the result is it's not working for most people. They have little to no control over their money and are loosing thousands, even hundreds of thousands of dollars over their lives, to inefficiencies and lost opportunity on their money. I'm on a mission to change that by empowering people with clarity and to take back control of their wealth.

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