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Survive Financial Turmoil with a Safe Tank

Imagine how different you’d be financially during the economic hardship if you had a Safe Tank. What’s a Safe Tank? Basically, it’s a place you can put your money that is protected, has guaranteed growth, even when you need to use funds for it, and you can use those funds anytime, guaranteed, for any purpose,…

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Organic Marketing Content to Get More Customers, with Kris Reid

For Kris’ special offer, please leave a review for this episode on your choice platform, then follow this link: Kris Reid Website: LinkedIn: NOTES: [00:28] Kevin: Today, our guest is Kris Reid. We are going to be discussing getting more customers easily. Kris is founder of ArdorSEO, and he’s an expert on…

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Thinking of Your Side-Hustle/Business as an Asset

When deciding to turn your side-hustle into a legitimate business, there are so many unknown variables that can sometimes drive you away from accomplishing it. Today, WTR welcomes Luke Peters, an expert in building wealth and a successful entrepreneur. In this podcast, we will discuss how side-hustling brings about a large amount of freedom and…

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